Ad Hunter

Ad Hunter

Ad Blocking Game

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Not a blocker, a hunter.

Ad hunter grew from the urge to find an enjoyable way to block advertisements and be able to avoid from being defined as an ad blocker. After brainstorming with the team, a few ideas were born that could fit the description of what we were looking for. The best direction was to incorporate the whole banner blocking service with an arcade gaming experience.

Howdy Oh!

The story we created is about 3 bounty hunters, that were teleported into the game each from a different place and time. The first bounty hunter comes from the Wild West in the past, the second one comes from our present, a big boned muscled and tattooed bounty hunter while the last one comes from the future: an alien bounty hunter. Each bounty hunter has his own weapon and his own unique strengths that helps him to overcome different challenges better than the others.

A Utility empowered by a gaming experience

The biggest challenge was to facilitate the core connection between the gaming mechanism to the utility’s life span and activity. I had to think on a game that would relate to the user’s actions outside the gaming platform, while he is interacting with the utility. A true game cannot exist without some competition or a challenge, whether if it’s against other users (Multiplayer gaming) or against the computer. After some brainstorming we all came to the conclusion that the game should fuel the utility. With that insight, I jumped into listing the requirements and specifications of the ad blocker mechanism in order to see how I can create an engaging, simple, enjoyable and never ending gaming/utility experience.

UX Challenge

When we started with this project I had a hunch that the technical requirements would define the tone of the end experience. I knew I had to learn all the ins and outs of the different environments in order to create a strong and clear connection between them. The game part wasn’t a problem because it was a known environment to me – an in-app mobile game, the hard part was covering all the edge cases for the experience that was outside the app, in browsers and other native apps with advertisements. Some websites and apps could misbehave or break the design/UI because we were blocking part of their content. Another challenge was to define the level of game experience and the level of interference with the content consuming experience. I created a sequence that was genuinely injected in each place the user would make the blocking action, engaging him to play with the banner inside the app, and thus gain more blocking time for that ad.

the goal was to create simple ‘arcade games’ that would be fast and enjoyable – Ad Invaders, Ad Slasher and Acidic Ad Lab

the app onboarding animation

Ad Hunter Onboarding

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