Inapp Advertising

Inapp Advertising

Bank Hapoalim

user experience, ui, templating system and marketing guidelines

this project was made while working at designit as an ixd designer. the digital products are credited to designit and to the great talented and dedicated project owner, inbal kopilovitz-adashi.

Integrated advertising solution

Just after launching BHP’s main account management app, the bank approached us with a request to design an advertising platform that would be fully integrated with the account’s app and would give its users attractive deals / packages linked contextually to their account’s state and to the way they operate it. We already knew that we wanted to make a shiny advertising platform, but not on the detriment of the real account app. It’s certainly shouldn’t damage the current user experience, it had to enhance it, even though we were dealing here with mere ads.

Regulatory process

We explored numerous solutions for showing ads within a specified context and ads that were not related to any context but were part of a big event/campaign suggesting some attractive offer. We had some good ideas about how to display an ad within the context of a specific data recording, but due to regulatory issues, we had to disqualify them. We had to show the user that he was in a specific mode when the advertisement messages related to his account were displayed. That meant we had to freeze the user’s current action and pop the advertisement. The user had the option to get more details about the offer, dismiss the message or accept it.

different sell propositions that were pitched

Sell alternative #1
Sell alternative #2
Sell alternative #3
Sell alternative #4

Anybody can create a campaign

We had to deliver a sustainable solution that would allow the Marketing staff to create delightful campaigns that were in line with the brand visual language and within the context of the current user’s app experience.

Mostly, the bank outsources each campaign to an advertising agency, and they deliver all the assets needed and adjust them to the different platforms (the mobile platform being one of them). But sometimes there’s a need for an urgent offer or campaign that has to be created by one of the marketing personnel. Most of the times these guys don’t have a clue about design or the creative advertising process needed to create appealing designs suiting the experience we tailored. The need for framing the output of the campaign in ways that it would always have some kind of coherent appeal, outlined the solution in a form of a template system, that would allow different creative freedom for each different need.

full banner template with snooze options

Sell template #1
Sell template #2

half banner template and personal message template (can be launched without a designer)

Sell template #3
Sell template #4

I am not an advertiser.

Each template got its own rules and instructions in order to help any professional to operate and to achieve coherent campaign ads.

native styleguides for developers

Styleguide for UI Implementation
Styleguide for UI Implementation

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