Cellcom Website

Cellcom Website

Introducing a sustainable and consumer centric experience

information architecture, user experience

this project was made while working at designit as an ixd designer. the digital products are credited to designit and to the great talented and dedicated team of designers and researchers: guy haviv, yonit solducho, eyal richter and danny cohn.

Consumer Centered Organization

Cellcom recently bought Netvision, a company which delivers home and business communication services. By that Cellcom became one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Israel. Cellcom approached Designit in order to design a new website situated around customer self-care and real time information, contextually tailored exactly to the consumer needs. The objective was to achieve a decreased workload in the call support centers and in the number of daily customers visiting Cellcom service centers for basic stuff; like joining Cellcom or changing customer plans.

Planning ahead

I identified each artefact in the sitemap as a future template. Each color represents a different template. While the top grey ones represent the kind of platform targeted, marking the deltas in the mobile platform as opposed to the desktop version, the bottom indicators in the legend represent actions or components. By doing this beforehand, I could assess roughly how much pages were going to share the same design templates or content containers and have a rough estimation in order to calculate the project timeline for the user experience phase and the visual design phase.

Template inventory list and Head Categories

Sustainable architecture

Cellcom’s current sitemap was packed with outdated pages and broken links. Finding stuff was pretty hard and not easy going and the whole support section was hidden. It was hard to find an operation guide for an iPhone. There wasn’t an option to join Cellcom or to switch between plans. This made a lot of people go to the support centers or call the customer care. The main idea was to empower a set of pages, or basically the entire support section, into one smart indexing system. A power search was the best way to achieve that. A search system that would smartly suggest to the users the common things that they usually look for. Not to mention the potential it had to empower targeted and customized purchase offers. That helped to simplify the head sections of the sitemap, showing what’s really important, and helping to create a seamless experience between the desktop version, the tablet version, and the mobile version.

Self-contained marketing tool

The solution outline delivery contained Hi Fidelity Schematics for the homepage, targeting desktop and mobile and displayed the navigation down to third child artefacts. It was a big challenge to show at once all the stuff Cellcom wanted to give stage to. Cellcom had many social initiatives, unique sale days and constant updating promotions, with a strong marketing department behind them. We actually thought that these promotions were quite nice and a lousy image slider wouldn’t serve them well. We offered Cellcom to build a nested micro site for each promotion, hosted by a paginated component and anchoring everything as part of the homepage experience. This gave sustainable abilities to the website and to the marketing team, while delivering a unique experience within every different promotion.

homepage ux solution outline – logged out

Homepage Solution Outline

homepage ux solution outline – different microsite

Homepage Solution Outline

homepage ux solution outline – different microsite – logged in

Homepage Solution Outline

mega sub navigation with a contextual sale proposition

Homepage Solution Outline

Real time account management

The insights from the Co creation workshop were targeted strictly to more self-care actions, real time information, and to give the client a feeling that he is ‘on the top of things’. I designed a client profile page that outlayed the recent account state in a glimpse, with overview at the linked accounts attached to it (if it’s a master account of a group of accounts). Putting at front the next estimated payment, and delivering custom tailored unique promotions, derived from statistics of the customer’s plan and website usage. One of the important challenges was to give, in the mobile version, a clear and focused bird’s eye view and still enable the full option to dive into nested information and different actions.

profile page ux solution outline

Profile page Solution Outline

profile page ux solution outline – statistics

Profile page Solution Outline

Final Product

The UX solution outline showed the way for the visual designers assigned to work on this project and to Cellcom’s developers that would prepare the infrastructure and information architecture containers for the new website.

mobile versions of the homepage and the profile page

Homepage Solution Outline - Mobile

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