DIGIT Conference

DIGIT Conference

The Future of Online Journalism

visual design, illustration, typography

The Colors of Online Journalism

I was approached to design a visual language for an online journalism conference named DIGIT. Although DIGIT didn’t want to change its logo, they did want to bring it closer to Google’s branding language as Google took part in sponsoring the conference this same year. I re-worked the logo on a grid to make it look sharper and pixel perfect for a better logo lockup, and a consistent and more vibrant color scheme than before.

Presenting progression through movement

Because Journalism is moving towards a world where it has to struggle in order to survive, when big players like social media and online information are being consumed more than plain paper, I wanted to express the progress and transformation that it is experiencing through a colorful form that would mimic motion.

Intuitively, this form had to be a cube, in order to strengthen the connection with the original logo. I wanted the cubes, which also referred to pixels (a measurement unit of screen resolution) to express the pluralism and colorful variety of voices which the journalism world stands behind today, while also showing the building blocks needed to create a meaningful artefact when collaborating and working together. The movement like effect that the pixels have, resembles the large tool set and platform variety that technology offers today’s journalists. The conference had many information and marketing materials that I had to design and rethink of.

Pushing Pixels

I applied the new visual language into the information and marketing artefacts that the conference offered. I went to the conference’s site and checked the type of installations and at what kind of locations the logistic team wanted to apply them. After planning together with the logistics team the arrangement of the different marketing materials, I designed the artefacts to fit those arrangements and to communicate a beautiful flowing agenda causing wide brand awareness all over the conference’s site.

name tags

part of the program



long wall carpet

paparazzi wall

panel wall

Empowering Digital Channels

I designed a custom QR code that leads the scanners to DIGIT’s Facebook page, where there was live coverage of the conference. I also created an award certificate for the chosen winner of the contest held by DIGIT and Google.

Digit prize

QR Code

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