Visual Experiments

Experimenting with visuals

Form, color and composition

visual design, illustration, typography


Cover is an experimental typography illustration project that was framed into a set of posters, as part of the graphic work made for an audio CD of a friend producing electronic music.
I crafted the word ‘cover’ from geometric shapes combined with broken patterns and gave each letter its own unique style.

Cover #2
Cover: Poster #1
Cover: Poster #2

shapes in time

I love the way how lightning and composition can mimic time and motion when combined with geometric structures. I applied a set of supportive rules while using a minimalistic and monotonic color palette in order to project a sense of movement.

Time Travel


What a melancholic playground looks like? Feels like? I created an abandoned playground, guided by ochre tones with a smoked color palette. I used a multiline technique to craft the different playing components of this playground. 

Paper Playground
Paper Playground

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