Global Leadership Program

The Global Leadership Project

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The Global Leadership Program is a workshop initiated by a London based entrepreneur that approached me, during his short visit in Israel, in order to design its brand identity.

I was presented with the task to design the brand identity and the visual language in a really short time-frame, consisting of 7 days, before the client had to leave back to London. The workshop was built out of 8 steps that were bound together in order to help the participants to enhance their leadership skills and expand their toolsets. In a brainstorming session I had with the client, we came to a conclusion that there were two possible directions we wanted to communicate within the new identity; a leader’s DNA and an 8 Step program/process.

What is the DNA of a leader?

above – one of the concepts that were pitched, involving a dna segment

The Eight layers of a DNA

While exploring with the abstract form of the figure ‘8’, it came up that the abstract ‘8’ shape alone was not enough to deliver the story. I had to show that there were 8 steps. 8 levels of involvement before the student would become a better leader. I wanted the identity to communicate a strong association to the circles of knowledge or levels of progression that the subject student would face during the program.

After exploring and sketching various visual directions, I came up with a few experiments that slowly evolved together into forms that communicate what this workshop had to offer. Together with the base characteristics of the ‘8’ figure, I created a form that communicates an eight level path. Because the outcome was too abstract for my taste, I started over simplifying the base shape till I got a shape that resembled an eight figure, but was still abstract and showed innovation and free form. I twisted some touch points inside the path in order to convey the feeling of a learning process, an adaptive curve.

visual research

Eight layers of DNA

Leading Typography

Matched up with a bold, strong and solid typeface, I applied custom kerning and leading work. The outcome logo had to stand for leadership, team work, self-process and education. The shape and the typeface were made to work together, and occasionally to work separately.

final logo lockup

A State of Constant Innovation

The stationery and a poster were designed to fit the identity created, showing different applications of the new brand language.

stationery proposition

Business cards proposition

a poster for the workshop

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