Campaign System

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Inconsistency in communication

While working at Magisto as a Product Designer, I encountered a serious inconsistency in communicating the brand language through different marketing artefacts. Due to the lack of resources in the Marketing department and due to the fact that various freelance designers were working on the same assets and artefacts, I offered to build a sustainable solution that would frame the designers into producing coherent assets.

The most crucial product I had to handle immediately was the campaign system, launching a new campaign (as in challenges, collaborations, raffles, etc.) approximately every two weeks. Part of the artefacts required were a newsletter with a CLA and a mobile friendly equivalent targeting the user to a mini site for registration.

example for a campaign that does not communicate the brand language

Anyone can be the designer

Part of the challenge was to make sure that also marketing personnel that didn’t have any clue about design could build and launch a beautiful campaign that would reflect the brand’s tone of voice and would have a coherent visual language.

outlining the campaign content containers

Modular containers

Part of the challenge was also to give a certain freedom in designing the campaign, as each one had different characters and different brand collaborations projecting different values.

modular ux solution

The Solution

Create for the Marketing department a modular system that would enable various staff members to launch campaigns and to truly express themselves and the nature of the campaign inside a framed, breathing body structure. The design is planned in a way that allows, when launching a campaign, to create 3 adaptive artefacts based on the assets supplied: a newsletter design, a mobile landing page and a mini site.

the designed newsletter campaign and it’s mobile-friendly  equivalent

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