Hand Picked Logos

Hand Picked Logos

brand identity, stationery and tons of research and brainstorming

adiòs neglected concepts

Neglected concepts that were pitched for adiós ad blocking app.

from the left – launcher icons as concepts for evolvement. from the right – earlier concepts

adiòs neglected concepts
adiòs neglected concepts


A logo designed for a hip shop for pets hand made goods.


Oggii is a service that helps to monitor health and fitness activity for dogs. A small beautifully designed chip is attached to the dog’s collar and pairs with a mobile application in order to reflect the data received and raise a flag when there is a problem. The logo had to work well with a mark and just as a logotype in order to sit nicely on the chip.

different concepts that were pitched

the chosen logo


A neglected logo mark concept for keepintouch, the social networking platform.

Online Journalism Lab

Neglected concepts, part of the extensive visual research that I conducted for coming up with the appropriate logo mark for the Online Journalism Lab – A workshop held by Roy Katz and sponsored by Google.

different concepts that were presented to the client

Online Journalism Lab neglected concepts
Online Journalism Lab neglected concepts

Academic student union Zefat

This powerful student’s union requested me to design their new identity. The new logo mark had to communicate stronger connections to innovation, technology and advancement.

Academic Student Union Zefat

Transitioned Media in the Digital Age

A logotype made to serve a yearly conference about media in the digital age.

Laptop Batteries Planet

This logo was made for a website selling laptop batteries. The requirement was to create a logo mark that would communicate strong foundations and trust, and also reflect a fresh customer aware service.

Laptop Batteries Planet


A low cost transportation solutions for foreigners.


business +

An intelligent management platform offered to administrate different aspects in big businesses (i.e: finance and booking, HR, sales and marketing)

from the left – neglected concepts. from the right – chosen logo and lockups

Business+ Neglected concepts
Business+ Chosen logo


The younger brother of Business +, targeted to small to mid sized businesses and non profit organisations.



A marketing firm based in Canada that serves a vast range of different clients.


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