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Online Journalism Lab

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Journalist, dust yourself up!

The online Journalism Lab is an initiative created by Roy Katz and Google that gives an opportunity for journalists and other professionals to acquire new tools and to sharpen their techniques, in order to adapt themselves to a profession that is under extinction and could prosper by using tools offered by the digital media and a technology that evolves continually and rapidly.

Collecting Insights

I joined as an observer to a pilot workshop day in order to examine the format and the rhythm of the lecturers. I interviewed the organizer and some of the attendees and I found out that this initiative answers a demand that comes from almost any profession that has a touchpoint with technology. Helping people to acquire tools that will teach them how to work in a creative way with the rapidly changing media world.


The visual research was quite interesting. I knew I wanted the logo mark to imply a progression and a movement towards learning, and to make it say “Journalists, we are here to learn”.

visual research concepts

Google values

One thing I had to take in mind was the Google color palette; Because Google was part of the organizers and sponsored this workshop, the identity had to look as a part of the product offering Google had, and it had to communicate the same values and vision like any other Google product.

exploring with google’s color palette and a pre-made grid

Google's Color scheme

typography and logo lockup

Branding products

In addition to the designed business card and stationery products, I designed a branded kit that each participant received in order to help him record the knowledge he acquired in the workshop.

business cards and a4


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